YouRAPE, we censor! #opMaryville

Like some of you already know, YouTUBE blocked #opMaryville video ( ) on my channel. At 4am (London time) YouTUBE informed me via my channel that the video itself violates the Community Guidelines. Come on YouTUBE, tell me which guideline exactly?


YouTube will not react to this post, like they did during the censorship on #opBahrain and also the termination of channel.

But back to the topic, so YouTube left this message for the public:


Since when is helping a rape victim an act of spam, scams, and commercially deceptive?

The video was uploaded on October 14, so why did YouTUBE started to censor this video 2 days after the upload. Mainstream media, blogs, social networks etc. pick up this topic (including the video) and rised up to a national topic. The video raised to 130.000+ views until it was censored by the YouTUBE Team.


If YouTUBE… YouRAPE will not publish a statement with a detailed explanation which “Community Guideline” was hurt with this video, this was, is and always will be a form of censorship not only regarding the video, also the Daisy and the horrible thing that happened to her.

We don’t care about mainstream media attention, we care about people. We want justice! #opMaryville

Join the #Maryville protest on Oct. 22 in support of Daisy Coleman.

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Born with Anonymous, grow up with RedHack

Time for me to change. I will leave Anonymous temporarily, at least “the front”. I will try to step back into the shadows and to rest as an Anon. Since 1 year I have worked hours and hours on operation, based on twitterstorms up to online protest. But all this does not mean I will give up and forget everything I have done as an Anon. I will not forget Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, the people who are struggling for their lives in GITMO, those who are being killed and handled as animals in Myanmar, Gabon and Kashmir. I will not forget anything, but I will continue the road of activism with RedHack.

To be honest, this decision has nothing to do with RedHack, it is more about the current process inside Anonymous and between some Anons, the problems. Anons are waiting for BIG hacks. Well, Anonymous is not only based on hacktivism. It could well be that activism plays a much more important role. You as an Anon need to inform yourself about global happenings, and not always wait to jump in if its bug enough. You know what is now happening in Sudan? We don’t need one more Egypt, Tunisia or any other country, where people are suffering under a dictatorship, get killed and the internet shut down. On the other side there are some Anons who try to run websites with money from YouTube, based on copy-paste tactic and a 1,600,000 facebook fan page. ONE Anon who was in NO way anonymous. On the other side, a better known discussion, the YAN website. A crowdsourced news website. For me personal it is ok to say that collecting money for projects like is ok, or for defense funds for our brothers.

If you want to run a website do it, but if you do it under the label of Anonymous you should expect Anonymous. Its just my opinion, but it is also a topic which divides Anonymous.

Well, before I leave I just want to thank @AnonNewsDE pushed me into this world with the ACTA video, @GeorgieBC, @CassandraRules, @alxgucci for the perfect teamworks during operation and twitterstorms, @AnonyOps for his sotrng words, @SageAnon for the 3 destrcutions and comebacks of our team and website, @CriTix for the operating with me shoulder on shoulder trough nights, CommanderX teaching me in activism and night long discussions with RedHack, xen0nymous for his work with me in video editing, @AnonNews_org/@joepie91 for publishing operations and all those I have forgot to mention. Stay strong!

Forget what the FBI or any other agencies said, remember how many people went on the streets with V for Vendetta masks. It was, is and will be EPIC!

Hacks and talks does not rule the world, the streets rule it.

See you guys … after the revoluton.